About us

When I was a child,I help my mother feed silkworms and help her get cocoons from silkworms houses.After cocoons season,mom will make silk garment and silk duvet to familly members.In that time,I need help hold fabric,sometimes,she teach me how to cut fabric or stretch silk fiber to make silk filling.I know a lot silk benefits When I was a Child.

What makes me build JENNYSilk?A friend.She had a terrible bad sleeping,and a Allergy people.She bought twice times,all bad experience.One times is satin polyester fabric,one times is bad stitching and bad quality fabric.After that,I bought a silk bedding set via a silk factory friend and deliver to her.She loves it so much and encourage me help more people for a long time.This is why we build JENNYSilk.