Luxurious Silk Pillowcase

Made by 100% Mulberry Silk fabric. Silk is breathable so it wicks away the moisture from sweat, keeping a person cool and comfortable. It is also a naturally draping fabric that gently hugs the body, eliminating air pockets and thereby holding in body heat better which will keep a person warm in the winter. It is a self adjusting fabric that seems almost magical.

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  • Why Silk Pillowcase?

    Natural silk fiber make natural silk pillowcase, Hypoallergenic and Anti-aging, Anti-mite.Cool in Summer and Warm in Winnter.

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  • Why Silk Hair Scrunchies?

    Ladies always have a question about take scrunch out from hair: how it can be soooo pain?! Our Silk Hair Scrunchies are here to help you solve it. It can not decribe how silk good for hair. But one thing clear: you will throw out your polyester scrunchies after you use scrunchies silk.

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